Jimmy was accustomed to his friends making fun of him.

Some of us find such views to be sheer madness.

I can't remember.

Does it have too much salt?

That ought to be fun.

That's pure conjecture.

They can cause liver failure.

We learned that Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Johnathan is conceited, isn't he?

The Germans have an inhuman way of cutting up their verbs. Now a verb has a hard time enough of it in this world when it's all together. It's downright inhuman to split it up. But that's just what those Germans do. They take part of a verb and put it down here, like a stake, and they take the other part of it and put it away over yonder like another stake, and between these two limits they just shovel in German.

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How many have you killed?


The pilots were among the 79 survivors consisting of passengers and crew.

Ann has always been there for me.

He did it absentmindedly.

Do you like tea or coffee?

And she said she's a true princess.

How are things going with Leif?

He's not quite satisfied.

She will give it to Jack.

Young as he is, he has much experience.

Rodney didn't trust Ning.

They said yes.


Clay showed me how to do it.


I thought about it a lot.


I have congee every morning.

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Which text editor do you prefer?


Clayton started the show with his mother's favorite song.

He agreed to what they said.

Sarah tried not to look worried.

She defended herself.

It's a French word.

You're having a nightmare.

Generally speaking, Japanese women are modest.


I had a hard time trying to talk him out of taking the trip.

She didn't write me any letter.

I'm sick of being pushed around by everybody.

Keep Nichael out of here.

Clay seems very full of himself.

The onset of malaria is marked by nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, and headache.

The power is out.


Rauf will come tomorrow.

She reached out for the magazine on the shelf.

Stay there for a moment.


Would you care for another cup of coffee?

All I can do is work in silence.

What text editor do you use?

His wife now had to take care of his grandfather, not to mention their two children.

Skip knows a great deal about me.

You have to get me out of here.

She imagined what life in the city would be like.

I would like to buy a present for my wife. I thought about a scarf.

I don't like being treated like this.


Lois used to live deep in the jungle.

What did you do with all the money you stole?

Let's cut down our expenses.

He had time to lose himself in his favorite amusement.

Elisabeth never called Sjouke to apologize.

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The world is unjust.


I'm sure I wasn't followed.

He went to sleep and never woke up.

I can't imagine why not.

I was the one who killed your brother.

The importance of this matter cannot be over-emphasized.

Do you know what that means?

Carlos bought a car.

You have no idea how I feel.

Check out that woman!

He went to Lima so that he could learn much there.

Jean-Pierre left a note for Karl.

Duane's irritation is starting to show.

Think might not be hungry yet.


Let's get out of the storm.

I'm going to let you go.

Jwahar was about to burst out laughing.

I like skiing.

I told Edmund we were friends.

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I love this store.


Someone visited her yesterday.


The solar eclipse is the result of the interposition of the moon between the sun and the Earth.

I hope you get better soon.

I plan to cycle around Shikoku next year.

He told me his life's story.

A plate of pulao with some kebabs is heaven on earth.

Devon shouldn't have tried to tackle that alone.

You may play at your pleasure.

I must admit I don't like much contemporary music.

He has changed his name.

Don't let me become discouraged.

I almost understood it all.

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Stan is an illegal immigrant.


Does Kaj wear shoes indoors?

Rolfe doesn't know it yet, but he's going to get laid off.

She is not ashamed of her misconduct.


They shook hands when they met at the airport.

Human beings are social creatures.

Generally the Americans are a kind people.

Following this class's instruction, you will develop a comprehensive perceptive of Japanese.

How is your cold?

How many times have I told you not to hang out with guys like Olaf?

There's not a big difference.

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What time do you go to the beach?

Do I need X-rays?

I sincerely apologize.


The moment he was alone, he wrote the letter.

Kiki looks very sad.

It looked like an eggcup suitable for a goose egg.


What do you recommend?


This is what I was looking for.

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Tanaka has a scar on his cheek.


Which color do you prefer?


Elliot helped me carry my suitcases.

I know who it was.

Priscilla Chan is the girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg.

I don't live in Boston yet.

I thought I was losing my sanity.

She picked the most expensive dress.

I've decided to marry Oliver.

The forest was so thick that one could hardly walk through it.

Did you show Johnny your pictures?

To lose face means to be humiliated.

I have a friend whose father is an animal doctor.

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Rajesh was the only one found alive on the island.


The pommel horse requires more balance than strength.

This is just stupid.

The Kea is the only alpine parrot.

I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

The resolution made at the Millennium - to give all remaining dancing bears in the European Union the chance of a species-appropriate life in one place - has become a reality in 2007 with the transfer of the last three Bulgarian dancing bears.

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Gale wanted Celia to bring him a cup of coffee.

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Emily didn't get it.

Apples were on sale today.

You worked more than I did.

Jianyun sounded very positive.

I'm thinking we should go somewhere together.

It stopped short at a result far from the 10% taken as the target.

St Nicholas was standing in the garden.


Defendant admit her guilt.

Polly was listed among the missing.

I'll be here all morning.

Don't let her give up.

Anton came up with a better idea.


Strawberry juice is good for the memory.

My wife is Chinese.

I don't know what would happen if I ever lost you.


His modesty is worth respecting.

You're nuts.

We'll take a break soon.

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The architect suggested that the building be restored.

The traditional way of learning a language may satisfy at most one's sense of duty, but it can hardly serve as a source of joy. Nor will it likely be successful.

I have to go soon because I left the engine running.


Why do physicists converge? Because they're monotonous and narrow.


Mother is busy cooking and washing all day long.

I don't want to go to Shawn's stupid party.

Nobody knows the future.

Do you like the plan?

What is the telephone number of the ambulance?

Teriann will freeze to death out there.

I have no more room for new books.

The immediate cause of his failure was lack of study.

Yes, I've seen cats without a smile, but a smile with no cat...

Danielle is more popular than I am.

Jeany can play the banjo.

Do you still want these?

I was really shocked.